UNESCO Award Winner and 40under40 Yoga Psychologist is illuminating people’s Well-being. Meet Ilashrei Anand

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], November 9: Diwali is here and it should not just be about cleaning our houses but also brightening our personal lives, insists, Ilashrei Anand, the Certified Yoga Psychologist, who’s spent years studying in some of the world’s oldest Ashrams. She emphasizes normalising taking therapy, specially Yoga Psychology, for relationship problems, health issues, mental and emotional challenges, or even for growth in career.

Ilashrei Anand says with slight disappointment that most of us are not even aware of Yoga Psychology like we know Clinical Psychology, even though Yoga Psychology is far more powerful and holistic in its approach. “ Very few know that Yoga is the world’s first ever documented study of human behaviour which also shows the psychosomatic Mind – Body connection, that now medical science too is beginning to agree. So when Clinical Psychology focuses on our Mind, Yoga Psychology takes a monumental leap in showing how almost all health issues occur due to discomfort of the mind ( via stress, anxiety, past trauma, etc ) and thus taking Yoga Psychology Therapy sessions not only heals one’s personal life issues but also assist in healing physical health issues. So technically we’ve been seeing Yoga as a lamp when actually it’s the entire Sun.” quips Ilashrei Anand, who’s been practising and delivering the miraculous healing power of Yogic Counselling to her clients, for over a decade now.

The Vidhya  ( knowledge ) of Chakra or energy centers in our body and how they impact emotions, which eventually impact our health, aids in healing the emotional, mental and physical health issues in people from the root cause. The profound knowledge of Yoga Psychology explains how any health issues like Thyroid, PCOD / PCOS, Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Cervical spondylitis, Gut issues, Weight issues, etc are first manifested in the mind through stress or any other emotional / mental discomfort. Hence by addressing the emotional root cause of any disease we can also heal the illness by understanding the Psychology of Chakras attached to it, explains Ilashrei Anand on how Yoga Psychology works, who’s been actively involved in healing lives of over 1 lakh people globally by spreading the Pre – Vedic ancient Vidhya of Yoga.

Why Choose Yoga Psychology Therapy this Diwali?

“Diwali is about conquering the evils of the mind. Hence it’s an opportunity to illuminate ourselves with self-love and growth. But now self-love is often misunderstood as selfish, however, Yoga beautifully clears this notion via the concept of SwaDharma or duties towards self which are integral for leading a life of love, health and purpose. Choosing Yoga Psychology is an empowering decision that has shown to transform lives. It’s about embracing your inner strength and seeking the support you deserve,” says Ilashrei Anand, whose expertise with compassionate approach during and post Covid lockdown helped numerous individuals find healing, which also led her to be honoured with Yodha Kranti Award ( Young Warrior Award ).

About Ilashrei Anand

Ilashrei Anand is a highly respected and experienced Yoga Psychologist with a passion for empowering individuals to achieve mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. She’s hosted Wellbeing conventions and workshops. She’s also Internationally Awarded by UNESCO, and also recognised as being the best in her field with 40under40 Award by Business World Wellbeing, besides being conferred Awards from various NGOs for her dedicated and selfless holistic healing therapy sessions. Since therapy can be expensive for some, Ilashrei Anand also provides charity sessions every month to ensure Yoga Psychology Therapy reaches where it’s most needed and no one should lose out on healing due to lack of funds. Ilashrei Anand has dedicated herself in bringing awareness about Yoga Psychology and helping individuals overcome their life challenges through it. She gives online and offline sessions, both in personalised one on one Therapy sessions and also group workshops, seminars, and conventions for institutes and corporates.

To contact Ilashrei Anand or know more about her work, kindly visit https://ilashreianand.com/  or contact team@ilashreianand.com. You can also check her work on Instagram handle @mystic_healer_   which has a strong growing community of over 111K people.

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