Breaking the Mold: How is Empowering India’s Growing Freelance Economy

Meet founders – Sunil (left) and Saurabh(right). 

New Delhi (India), September 26: In a landscape saturated with freelancing platforms that often cater more to the needs of clients than freelancers, emerges as a distinct exception. With a focus on resolving pervasive challenges that freelancers encounter, such as high commissions and fragmented professional portfolios, offers a platform uniquely designed to empower freelancers in a time when the gig economy is rapidly becoming the norm rather than the exception.
 Data from Niti Aayog indicates that the gig and platform workforce in India is set to explode, with an estimated 23.5 million workers anticipated by 2029-30. Interestingly, 47% of these are already engaged in medium-skilled jobs, and 22% in high-skilled jobs. These statistics accentuate the urgent need for a platform like that serves freelancers across the skills spectrum.

One of the most compelling features of is its commission-free model. In an industry where freelancers commonly lose a significant percentage of their income to platform fees, the absence of such fees at is a financial boon. This is not merely a feature, but a fundamental shift that frees freelancers from the monetary constraints typically imposed by similar platforms, allowing them to keep all of their hard-earned income.

Traditional freelancing platforms function largely as job boards. However, a Blume report highlights that one of the major issues facing white-collar gig workers is the problem of Work-Employer-Gig Worker Matching and Discovery. tackles this by adopting a proactive approach, introducing freelancers to four new professionals in their field every day. In an economy where connections can be as crucial as skills, this not only expands freelancers’ professional networks but also offers a unique way to find collaborations and opportunities that might not appear on a typical job board.

Another significant challenge freelancers face is proving their credibility and skills in a market flooded with talent. addresses this by allowing its users to build detailed digital portfolios. Freelancers can showcase their skills, collect endorsements, and provide a holistic view of their professional journey.

Freelancers often operate in isolation, lacking the team dynamics and mentorship that traditional employment offers. In addressing this, bridges this gap with its community-driven ethos. Here, freelancers can find mentors, seek advice, and collaborate on projects, which is often invaluable for professional growth and skill development.

The second key issue highlighted by the Blume report is Finance & Business Management. Sanchar is working towards solving this problem by integrating comprehensive finance and business management tools that will help freelancers seamlessly manage their work.

The modern economy is seeing a remarkable shift towards freelancing and moonlighting, fueled by a desire for autonomy and diversified income streams. However, this often comes at the cost of professional isolation and an absence of conventional growth opportunities. In such a scenario, platforms like are more than just a convenience; they are becoming an essential infrastructure for career development.

Meet the Visionaries Behind

The platform owes its innovative approach to its founders, Sunil Panwar and Saurabh. Sunil, a young entrepreneur, has a rich background that includes a substantial YouTube following and the creation of apps with million-plus downloads. Co-founder Saurabh, hailing from Agra, UP, is a full-stack developer and brings hands-on coding experience to the table. Both founders have a deep-rooted understanding of the gig economy and have leveraged their experience to create a platform that serves freelancers genuinely.

Future Roadmap

The team at has ambitious plans to elevate the freelancing experience further. In the coming months, the platform will roll out a series of advanced features that include an AI-based portfolio builder designed to dynamically highlight a freelancer’s skills and accomplishments. Moreover, they are developing anonymity-based communities, a feature that will enable freelancers to openly discuss topics, seek advice, or share experiences without the constraints of professional scrutiny. Last but not least, monetization tools are on the horizon to provide freelancers with additional avenues to capitalize on their skills directly through the platform. stands as a comprehensive resource for freelancers, aiming to provide the support, financial freedom, and opportunities needed to thrive in this ever-changing economic landscape. It is more than a freelancing platform; it’s a freelancing ecosystem built for the modern world.

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